You're going to tell us, aren't you?

I didn't mean to be disrespectful.

I suppose that she was happy then.


Will you join for me breakfast?

How did you feel afterwards?

Amedeo and I've been busy.

I heard you were looking for a babysitter.

Where is the south terminal?


A few important facts emerged after the investigation.

I cannot memorize such a poem. It's too long.

She hung up without saying good-bye.

I broke a rib falling.

Can I see the menu, please?

I think Norbert wouldn't mind.

When was the last time you sent a letter abroad?

No one knows how many people Antonella killed.

I've done my best.

Moran's not a bad guy.

He is what we call a musical genius.

I am pulling my own hair!

It was fun playing video games with you this afternoon.


The question is what are you doing here.

We've got nowhere to go.

It's like an oven in here.


Loyd said you needed this.

I'm hopeless.

You don't need to go there.


Is that notarized?

The clerk waited on them immediately.

Any murder is gruesome but this one was especially heinous.


Norman is right this time.

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You should go to the dentist and have that tooth pulled out.

Books must follow sciences, and not sciences books.

You are twice as strong as I am.


Janos brews his own beer.


Why do we have homework?

She was dressed in a red bathing suit.

There's plenty for everyone.

It doesn't take very long.

This dog was born two months ago.

The truth will come out in the future.

I had to tell her about us.

May I speak with you alone, Ann?

I ask for patience.


I closed the deal an hour ago.

The teacher praised the boy for his honesty.

It was a beautiful summer, and the sky was always blue.

Give me that piece of paper, and I will inspect it!

Why don't we exchange LINE [info]?

If the fruit is fermented, you shouldn't eat it.

I haven't been back to Boston since I graduated from high school.

Starbuck is crouched on the floor, writhing in pain.

The house on the corner is ours.

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I don't love you.

He thinks about her next trip.

Bruno convinced me that Shean was innocent.

He was burning up with fever.

If I need money, I'll ask my father.

Why don't you take a break?

Hirofumi robbed a bank.


I wonder where Vance is.

We're going to play baseball tomorrow.

It's so embarrassing.


Has this thing appeared again tonight?

His advice would be very useful to you.

Does Denis have to do this?

Your way of thinking intrigues me.

Do you think Farouk is unhappy?

Carry your drinking water in a reusable bottle. Plastic water bottles are an environmental disaster!

God help your mortal soul.

I majored in history.

Now we wait.


I am often compared to my older brother.

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No, I won't do that.

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It was easy to obtain.


They left without me.


Mother and child are both doing well.

Do you have any rock CDs?

The destiny of Brandy and Calvin ceaselessly haunted the author, weighed down by his own powerlessness to assume it.


Where is the Palace of Fine Arts?

We traveled around the country by car.

We should've brought lunch.


Svante had a job.

This ticket is good for one more week.

Marla shifted the car into drive.


I wish I could express myself better in French.

My mother is a good woman.

I nearly fell into the pool.

The King had hardly made a few steps to the door when he was startled by Morshu's mean laughter. The trickster merchant jumped out from behind the couch. "I got you on camera! I got you on camera!" he grinned triumphantly. "Me too," Ganon appeared next. "Hey, that's not nice!" the King cried frustratedly. "Give me that!" Morshu easily dashed a few attempts to snatch the camera. "Oh no, King, we're already putting this on YouTube!" Ganon gloated. "For the lulz!" "The lulz!" Morshu joined. "No, please, no!" the King beat his fists against the floor in despair. "Stop it, stop the uploading! Please, PLEASE!" "Hehehe," Ganon had the smuggest smirk on his face, "this is better entertainment than stealing offering money!"

Am I intruding?

He is afraid of chopsticks.

We received an eviction notice.

I'll bring it to you.

"Fast" is the opposite of "slow."

I get the impression that this site is one big romance novel of which the protagonists are Mason and Aaron.

How can I participate?


I don't want him getting upset.

"I can't believe that you snuck into the castle!", said the princess.

She has very deep convictions.


If you spend too much time worrying, you'll never get anything done.

I'm not buying two books, just one.

"Done!" says the angel, and disappears in a cloud of smoke and a bolt of lightning.

I'm sorry about that.

Frederic doesn't have to wash the car. Sanjay's already washed it.

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I don't know as much about this as you do.

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Carlos asked Radek to help him, but she didn't want to.

Pull yourself together.

He who is slow to promise is best in keeping them.

It is almost three.

I had intended to visit the temple last week.

I told myself I could do it.

Marty asked me to drop by.

Alf asked me a couple of questions.

They arrested a man named Lee Harvey Oswald.

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It was quite dark when I got home last night.

Do you think Holly had something to hide?

You had just turned on the radio.

I'll keep in contact.

I think I did pretty well.

Barney is upstairs in his bedroom.

Most students can speak English.


He leaned over to kiss me.

Don't you think I would do something about it if I could?

Everybody was really happy.

I heard that you ate steak for dinner last night.

Laurie tightened the bolts.

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In spite of everything, she was expecting reassuring words from him.

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We skied on artificial snow.

That's a very generous offer, but I have to turn it down.

No one understands that.

It's two o'clock.

You have to do what you think is right.

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I have a decision to make, and I don't know who to talk to about it.

Are you hurt anywhere?

English is too difficult for me to understand.

You're gorgeous and I love you bunches.

That was no accident.

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We have what we deserve.

He was aiming a gun at them.

They stayed at a luxury hotel.


There's no reason.

Tell me what I should be watching for.

How are you going to help?


Kirk is a fur trader.

Gregg did a fantastic job.

My car is the only one that didn't run out of gas.

Pronghorn antelope abound in these parts.

Don't you hear those sirens?

Mark won't even look at Kelvin.

Don't forget to clean behind the refrigerator.


When will you leave for Boston?

Where can I get a shuttle bus at the airport?

In old times the slope was very lonely.

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I'm convinced Marsha is lying.


He often thinks with his eyes shut.

It was cool.

Rich seems somewhat unsure of himself.

Pablo is obviously upset.

Narendra picked up his keys.

Stephen was absent from school all last week.

He himself did it.

Tomorrow is Christmas.

I caught him by the arm before he could fall.